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    News — wine collection

    Anderson Bluu x Diadora Wine Collection First Look

    Anderson Bluu x Diadora Wine Collection First Look

    Hey Everyone! Here's the first look at my upcoming Sneakers with Diadora entitled the "Wine Collection". The collection is made up of two iconic Diadora silhouettes. The Maverick “Chardonnay” is dressed in soft green suedes, a tact acknowledgement of the green grape skin used to produce white wine. It also features faint yellow hues on the tongue, laces and midfoot logo plus speckled detailing on the midsole. On the other hand, the N.9002 “Cabernet” is done up in rich blue suedes to salute the dark navy grapes used in the creation of red wine.

    I also have the Anderson Bluu logo on the left heel (I'm left-handed), and a grape graphic on the right. Each pair is completed by premium cork insoles with branded hits for a direct nod to wine bottle corks, and packaged in a shoebox that mirrors a wine barrel. 

    Below are the details from the upcoming release.

    Release Details: 

    Date: 3/24


    Time: 10:00 AM EST (New York Time)

    Amount Of Shoes: Very Very Limited