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    Short Version:

     My name is Anderson Bluu and I'm a illustrator / artist based out of New York. I created limited edition artwork inspired by my love of pop culture, sneakers and basketball. 


    Full Version: 

    It was March 2009 and I was finally coming to terms with the fact that I was a senior in college, the real world only a few months away. The thought of becoming part of the vicious cycle of traffic sitters and 9 to 5’ers made me...
    well, upset.

    I spent the last months of school trying to come to terms with that fate. I found myself drawing everything from cartoon characters to graffiti art in order to get my mind off my uncertain future. It was not until one day in Accounting 301, when I sketched something that I thought could make a pretty dope tee.
    I drew out a I <3 college design and replaced the two L’s with two cups and
    a beer pong ball. A couple of days later I decided to take part of my track scholarship money to buy a heating press. Luckily, my roommate was a graphic designer willing and able to digitize my drawing for me.

    As soon as the heating press came in, we printed my design on a shirt. I decided to give it a test run and wear it to class. By the end of the day, tons of
    people were curiously asking me where I got my t-shirt from.

    That night on campus, with the help of my old college friend, I decided to
    print up a bunch of similar t-shirts and accompany them with some jell-o shots.
    A single loop around my school left me with empty shot cups, no t-shirts, and a pocket full of money.

    I started giving up the usual “night out” to do more research on how to
    start a clothing brand. I knew that was what I wanted to do. I have always been inspired by the beach, which was only ten minutes from my house. The name Bluu Dreams came to me fairly quickly. It represented my passion for thinking outside the box and following something that I cared deeply about.

    After graduating, I spent the next five years re-drawing my fate, literally. I
    taught myself everything that had to do with graphic design and branding. My life became dedicated to putting everything into my new business,

    Bluu Dreams. Over time, I developed my own website, a well-organized online store, and quality products. I even started to go beyond the realm of t-shirts and
    began designing hats, sweatshirts, and beanies.

    When I wasn’t brainstorming ideas for my brand, I decided to help others
    with theirs. I began to eat, drink, and sleep fashion and art. As a result, I landed a job as the Art Director of a clothing boutique, host-
    ed a hand full art shows,and worked with big clients such as Mitchell and
    Ness. My graphic design work was featured in Complex Magazine, Hy-
    pebeast and The Freshness Mag.

    After an injury in the Summer of 2016. I found myself on bed rest with lots
    of time on my hands. I had always wanted to take my artwork to the next
    level, so I took the opportunity to begin designing art prints. It was the perfect way to merge my love of sneakers, basketball and pop art.

    Today, my goal is to continue to create
    limited edition art prints that celebrate

    the sneaker culture with my own creative spin.

    -Anderson Bluu